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About Us

A leading name in Reverse Osmosis maintenance care product segment, ROCARE is designed for delivering best performance from RO membranes. ROCARE offers tailor made solutions in RO membranes in conjunction with client’s needs. Designed and built for delivering best performance of Reverse Osmosis membranes, our products are compatible with all kind of membranes and with all major membrane manufacturers worldwide.

Our wide range of products includes Reverse Osmosis Antiscalant, Reverse Osmosis Cleaners, Reverse Osmosis Biocide, Reverse Osmosis Antiscalant Balls, Reverse Osmosis pH booster, Reverse Osmosis Dechlorination and Reverse Osmosis Surfactants. Every product from RO Cleaners to RO Antiscalant, RO Biocide, RO Antiscalant Balls, RO pH booster, RO Dechlorination and RO Surfactants are safe and made under good manufacturing conditions to ensure consistent quality and performance.

ROCARE understands your needs and cares for your Reverse Osmosis System. Our technical team stands ready to handle the most stringent and complex of your requirements in terms of performance. With ROCARE, you are assured of good and enhanced performance of Reverse Osmosis systems.